About Us

MemoAct specializes in the development, marketing, manufacturing and distribution of high quality Natural products in the Advertising Specialty market. From its humble beginnings 10 years ago out of a small office in Ontario Canada, MemoAct has emerged as an industry leader of innovation and unique specialty items. In May of 2011 MemoAct made a temporary move to Louisiana, USA where both production and customer service was located in the same brand new office.

But the move was shortlived as the company was purchased by Don and Gloria Rogers in July of 2013 and moved to it's current location in St. Cloud Florida. This Central Florida location is perfect for distribution efforts and importing needs. This helped the company keep 2012 pricing in effect for 2013.

The overall success of MemoAct is due largely to an outstanding team of people dedicated to make it work! Owner Gloria Rogershas always emphasized the principle that excellent customer service is equal to success in this industry. Second only to that is having a fantastic series of products that will endure the test of time and make people say "Wow! Where did they get that?"

Our research and marketing team have spent years developing and streamlining a superior line of products that include tumbled marble and travertine coasters, trivets and magnets as well as more exotic products like bluestone, natural slate, sandstone and porcelain. Our products really 'set the message in stone', creating impressive, lasting keepsakes and promotional items.

Don Rogers is our graphic designer, an industry he has worked in for over 12 years. His creativity and passion for the MemoAct line of products have been an invaluable resource since the company was acquired.

When the move to Florida happened, MemoAct hired three people, Fabio Gomez, Hilda Gomez and Fabian Gomez, who have extensive backgrounds in the customer service industry as well as print experience. Their expertise has proved instrumental to the development of some of our most popular items. The fact that our entire staff is comprised of family makes the business work really well.

Our goal is to continue to offer innovative, distinctive ways to make our clients look good and feel good about what they are selling, while being dedicated to providing the gold standard of customer service.